Sydney Event Photography

Is your event in Sydney? If so you’re probably looking for an event photographer, and in an oversaturated market it can be hard to distinguish the quality from the quantity. Despite now working with hundreds of clients worldwide, I endeavour to retain the boutique, small business vibe I began with. There are no CEO's or assistants to assistants, it's just me and my camera. 

Sydney is the best location in the world to host your conference, conventions, and exhibitions. Where else can you find stunning scenery, a great climate, world class facilities and the world friendliest locals. I’ve gushed about this place one too many times, but Sydney events are simply the best! I love this region with a passion. But I won’t bore you with that today.

My name is Matt Teague, I'm the founder of Matt Events. I am an event photographer, dreamer and lover of travel. I’ve always been passionate about photography and I’ve lived, sometimes on a whim, in London, Banff, and Amsterdam…although I’m based at my studio in Sydney. Here I can be found planning my next adventure, riding motorbikes and devouring ice cream cones. 

It’s important you get to know your photographer. An event to me is far more than a collection of images, each event is as unique as the teams who plan them and I want to ensure I capture the essence of the big day. You’ll get a copy of all the high-resolution edited photos. Plus I keep all your images on file for two years so if you lose them, we’re safe.

Events require a lot of planning and by this stage you’re probably buried under a pile of supplier brochures and somehow you’ve ended up here. When looking for an event photographer Sydney has a few, but if you spot my clients on the street, they'll tell you I'm the best. Love ya guys! 

If you're seeking creativity, professionalism and the best event photography, say hello. I'd love to be a part of your team.